Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Young Family - Party of 6

As I mentioned in my last post, I am headed to Cambodia later this month. It turns out that I am not the only one going on a journey to the Far East!

One of the best things about my time Freelancing is the opportunities I have had to work on some very special projects. What seems like forever ago, a member of my church Crystal Young, asked me if I could help them create a family video. She explained to me that they had been doing the preliminary work for adopting a child overseas, and one of the things the agencies like to have is a video showing the family and home. I told her I would help as much as I could and to let me know if things worked out. Well, praise the Lord, earlier this year things finally worked out. In June, Mr. Jason and Mrs. Crystal let me know that everything was moving along with the adoption process and that they were ready to make a video. The next addition to the Young Family would be a little 4 year old girl named Sunny May!

We set aside a day to get some video which included some personal greetings and a tour of the house. I have known the Young family for quite some time, but being in their home I was able to see how special they really are. Jason and Crystal are great parents to an amazing group of kids already. Shelby, Malachi, and Cody each have their unique characteristics and it’s fun to see them interact. I can’t wait to see how it will be when SunnyMay joins the party!

Here are some shots of the vid:



In August I finished up editing “The Young Family” video and got them a DVD. This was my first time working on a project like that so I was unsure if I was satisfied with how it turned out. It accomplished the criteria that the adoption agency requested, but this being such a special event I really wanted it to be great. At the end of the month Mrs. Crystal forwarded me an email that made me feel like a million dollars. It was titled “Update on Sunny May”. Crystal included a message that said this:

Here is a Note from worker at Mothers Choice:

"I have shown the family video and album to SunnyMay today. Here’s some photos of her.

She keeps on waving her hand to the screen when the video is showing to her, and she kisses her daddy’s photo when we told her this is her dad. She is so lovely/"


Well the Young Family is on their way to Hong Kong now to pick up their newest addition, SunnyMay! Please be praying for their traveling safety and that their adoption procedures in Hong Kong go very smooth. I am looking forward to meeting SunnyMay in person and to seeing the growing Young family - Party of 6!

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