Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Lighthouse - a film by Andrew Garcia


I just recently found out that Andrew Garcia is in the process of starting a new video project - “The Lighthouse”, and you can help him “Kickstart” the project. If you are not familiar with Andrew Garcia, in 2011 he released a full length documentary about the Wells family and their ministry in Papua New Guinea called “Two Hats”. (I wrote about how I learned about it - here). You can get more information about “The Lighthouse” film in the link below, but the site describes it as “A dramatic tale of fatherhood, relationships and dedication based on the story of The Prodigal Son in Luke 15”. If its half as good as “Two Hats” then it will be worth watching!

Andrew has created a Kickstarter to help fund this project, and their is only about 24 hours left until it closes. I would encourage anyone who is a fan of quality Christian entertainment to check it out and consider donating to the Kickstarter fund. is a creative new fundraising website that allows you to be a “backer” for a particular project. The originator of each project is required to give you certain details about what the project entails and there is a deadline for monies to be raised. If the amount required is raised then the project is officially started and the originator gets all of the donations that have been raised for the project. Really pretty cool! The Lighthouse has already reached it’s amount required, but I would encourage you to help out with this worthy project. Also, if you donate at least $25, you will get a copy of the film before its official release. Check it out!



Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My First Video Project - The Phillips Family in Cambodia


I know many folks read one or two of my blog posts back in November and December about my trip to Cambodia. (see Here) Honestly, I think I had more blog traffic those few weeks than all other weeks combined. It was a great experience and on top of that, it was a great opportunity to work on a very special project. In what has been a whirlwind of a last few months I am finally finished with my first major video project “The Phillips Family - Our Ministry in Cambodia 2011 to Present”

Several have already viewed it, but I did want to share this with all of my Facebook pals. Enjoy!

I also want to take a minute to thank my friend Chad Phillips for this opportunity; both professionally and personally. Last October I never would have dreamed I would make a trip to Cambodia, observe the wonderful work the Lord is doing there, and then make a video about it before the year concluded. It is very humbling. Also, It was truly amazing to witness how the Lord is using Chad and Linda in Cambodia, and to see their great love for the people. The Lord showed me so many things during my stay, and he has shown me even more since my return.

Thank you Chad. Thank you Linda. I pray the Lord will bless your short time here in the states, and that your joy of serving the Lord will inspire others to serve him as well.

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