Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two Hats


One day in the Fall of last year, I was browsing around the interweb looking for information and inspiration concerning “church media”. I found a new site that i did not know about called , a product from Lancaster Baptist Church and West Coast Baptist College. It is “a resource for Spiritual Leaders...hosted by Pastor Paul Chappell” it reads on the About page. The bulk of the site is a “collection of ministry resources”, which includes articles and blogs on a plethora of topics ranging from secretarial helps to sermon assistance. I landed on the Media & Technology pages and found some good practical information. One of the Articles was about video, written by a young man named Andrew Garcia.

Sometime over the next month or so I was chatting with my pal Chad Phillips, who is now a Missionary in Cambodia. I was working on a project for him and so we were talking about media stuff. I mentioned the Ministry 127 site, since he attended West Coast Baptist College; I also mentioned Andrew Garcia. Chad said that he knew him and then began to tell me about his awesome video skills. Chad compared Andrew’s work to that of his own missionary video that was made before going on deputation. (If you have not seen it, you need to! Click the link) Chad also mentioned that Andrew was working on a full length documentary about a missionary family in Papua New Guinea. I was very interested, so I began looking for more info online. Soon I found “Two Hats” a film by Andrew Garcia. There were only previews and trailers at the time, but after contacting Andrew and finding a blog I learned that it would be released around the holidays 2011.

When the new year rolled around I eventually remembered to check and see what the status was. After having watched all of the trailers and extras multiple times I was really anticipating seeing the film in its entirety. I found where to order online and got a copy of Two Hats. It arrived the Saturday of the NFL League Championship games. Should I watch the New England Patriots smoke Tebow and the Broncos, or finally watch this movie - It was a difficult choice, but I chose Two Hats. I planned on starting it, and then pause it at a good stopping point so I could watch the game. This did not happen. I was glued to the TV the entire length of the film. It was spectacular!

Since I am about to max out my 500 word blog limit (aka. web readers attention span) I will spare you an in-depth review. However, let me encourage you to check this film out. You will not be disappointed. This is easily the best 90 minutes you will have ever spent in front of a Television. The subject matter is captivating. The Wells Family, their ministry in Papua New Guinea, and God’s clear blessing upon these is nothing short of inspiring. And also to be noted, the video quality is impressive on a big wide screen HDTV. Whether you watch it together with your family, or on an overseas flight it will be a blessing and an encouragement to you. I cannot say enough good things about it.

In closing, I would earnestly encourage you to get the film. It is about $15 on Amazon for a DVD version, or you can Rent/Stream it through Amazon for a few dollars. If you just cant justify spending that much, get it as a gift for someone - watch it - and then wrap it. hahaha! No really, think about how much Christian Americans spend on entertainment in a month with TV, Movies, Video Games, Sports, etc. Why not spend a fraction of that on a spiritually inspiring piece of work, by a very talented servant of Christ. You could not possibly spend your hard earned dollars on anything better. The Lord has truly blessed Andrew Garcia, and this film will continue to encourage any and all who view it. I highly recommend “Two Hats” to you and your family.

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