Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 Missions Conference Videos


This weekend we will be having our annual Missions Conference at Victory Baptist Church in Loganville, GA. Like many of the events at Victory, we had a request for a “funny video” to use for the conference. The video below is what we came up with. We tried to make it like the DirecTV commercials where the announcer guy strings together a list of cause and effects. My favorite is the “Don’t have a grandson with a dog collar” one. (See Here)

We had some other things in the works, but they did not end up getting used. I wanted to try to make a commercial similar to the “Confidence” commercials. (See Here) I have been playing around with my video production capabilities, and was wanting to try some chromakey or “green screen” projects. This was a good excuse to see what we could do. The basic idea for the commercial was to have a missionary on deputation, deciding whether or not to buy a car. Unfortunately, we were not able to finish putting it all together, but I thought you may enjoy seeing the rough draft. Much thanks to my pals Jason King, Chris Waye, and his son Lawson Waye. Lawson is the one who inspired this idea, because the commercial is his favorite. Here it is below. 
Also, I was working on my first motion graphic project using Apple’s Motion 5. In our print and web promotions for the 2012 Missions Conference we had a world map with arrows coming out of Georgia going to locations in the world. I made a motion graphic of this as well, to be part of an intro to the conference. After a lot of trial and error, I was pleased with the final result, check it out below. 
Lastly, I wanted to mention that I have had several requests to watch the different church videos we have made over the years. From teen allnighter promos to church skits - these are hilarious. Some are on my Facebook video page, but they often won’t load or are low quality. So, I have been pondering gathering them all and putting them in a single location. If you would like to happen let me know. There are several videos, each in different locations, different formats, etc. so it would take some time to gather. But if folks want to watch them, it would be worth it to compile these. Let me know!

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  1. Great stuff...y'all always do great work! OF COURSE we want a compilation of the videos...yesterday!! Thanks Vic, you're the best!


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