Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dallas Brown to Africa


I recently finished another business card / prayer card project for my good friend Dallas Brown. Dallas is going to be heading to Africa in September for a six month adventure. He is going to be assisting one of our missionary friends from Victory Baptist Church, Keith Shumaker in Burkina Faso, West Africa. It has been a great joy to get to know Dallas over the past several years, and to see him develop into a great leader. He is truly a special individual and a nonpareil servant. He has a special heart for missions, and has been working like crazy to save up for this trip to Africa. Also, his work at Victory is invaluable, and he will be missed. I hope you will subscribe to his blog (Here) as well as consider helping him both prayerfully and financially.

OK, OK, enough of the sentimental thoughts. In this Adios post, i really wanted to reflect on my personal experiences with Dallas, and show everyone how vital he has been to many of our projects at Victory Baptist Church. You see, Dallas Brown is probably the funniest, most talented, and craziest person I have ever met. Whenever we have an idea for a new skit or video, most of the time it involves Dallas doing some silly stunt or making a fool of himself. (Which he is always happy to do) It has been said that Dallas would be a perfect act with a circus or fair. He is adroit, adept, and able to learn about anything. I have seen him do a rubik’s cube in under a minute, ride a unicycle along a cliff, and juggle knives in a church service, just to list a few things on his resume. And I wouldn’t doubt if he could do all these at the same time, haha!

So I had this idea. What better way to send Dallas off than with a Dallas Brown Top 5 moments list. Here are my 5 favorite pictures or screenshots from projects working with Dallas. I hope you enjoy them. I will post some links to the videos at the end as well as a special SURPRISE!!!

Top 5 Dallas Brown Moments

5 - Thanksgiving Bus Ministry Flyer


4 - Dallas as Drill Instructor (from The War commercial “The Basement”)


3 - Dallas climbing Stone Mountain


2 - Dallas on Fire (from 2011 Youth Explosion Video)


1 - Dallas’ Texas Pete Commercial (from 2010 Youth Explosion Video)


Honorable Mention:

Dallas on Oprah (from 2010 Youth Explosion Video)


War Captain Big Head


Talking to Old Man Hiker


These are a few of the reasons why Dallas Brown is so …….. special. hahah! Several of these images were captured as part of video projects we were working on. If you would like to see some of these videos, I have a surprise for you! In my last blog post (see here) I showed a few of our Missions Conference commercials and behind the scenes videos and mentioned a new project that I may try to work on. We have created many videos at Victory Baptist Church over the years and many people often ask me, “Hey, do you still have ___ video somewhere?” Well as of today, Vics Video Vault is under construction! And i figured what better way to celebrate Dallas than uploading several Dallas Brown videos for you to enjoy. Click the link or pic below to check it out, and stay tuned for more videos from the Victory archives!

Check out a sneak peak of Vics Video Vault


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