Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Old Spice Commercial on Steroids


As many of you know I love commercials. If you haven’t seen the recent Old Spice commercials, you are missing out. (See some of them here) They are 30 second mix of ridiculous, masculine scenes with tough guys in crazy scenarios. When watching them, I find myself in an awkward state of confusion and uncontrollable laughter.

The other day I stumbled upon another Old Spice advertisement, but this one was a little bit different. This one was on STEROIDS!!! It is musical, interactive and hilarious! Somehow they Old Spice folks have harnessed the power of Vimeo and created an interactive beatbox setup on a video they created. You can click the link or the picture above to check it out. When it get’s to the end Terry Crews will give you some instructions on how to play the musical sounds. HaHa! My favorite is the “Flame Sax” using letters Z, X, and C. Or “Gimme a Hat” using the left bracket key “[“


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