Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cambodia Trip: Post 7 - Fam Pics & Visitation

Last Friday was also a great day. We got together with some families from the church the Phillips family will be assisting when they return from furlough. First we took some family pics and then headed out on visitation. Here is the Phillips family along with their friend and helper, Theary. Also, there is a pic with the family of Proh and Toh with the city of Phnom Penh in the far distance. These men and their families have been a joy to get to know over my time here. It is great to see the joy of the Lord in their hearts as they serve here in Ta Khmao.



During visitation I was introduced to a Cambodian treat, Sugar Cane Juice. At first I was hesitant to take a sip from a yellow bag, but it turned out to be quite refreshing. Should you ever find a yellow bag in the United States, I would not suggest consuming the contents. However, should you have opportunity to get yourself some fresh sugar cane juice, I can heartily recommend it!


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