Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Welcome Home Phillips Family



If you kept up with my recent Cambodia Trip posts you know that I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my friend Chad and his family where they serve in Ta Khmao, Cambodia. The purpose of that visit was for Chad and I to work on a video report for his upcoming furlough trip home. (see Here) Well I am glad to say that It was great to see the Phillips family again tonight, as they have finally made it back to Georgia. Seeing how they will be able to be home in Loganville for Christmas and the new year, i thought it would be good to introduce each of them to those members of Victory Baptist Church who have not met them yet. Here are some pics that I got on my trip. I hope that they will help you get to know and remember the Phillips family.

First up is Chad and Linda


Their oldest Child is Elizabeth. She is 4 years old. Whether she was singing a song, or giggling at something funny, I truly enjoyed seeing her joyful spirit each day of my stay with the Phillips.


Next is Judson who is 3 years old. I think the word that best describes him is “Imaginative”. Just look at the pictures, need I say more. I can just picture the thought cloud hovering over his head with some crazy story or stunt he is thinking up. haha, Judson is definitely a lot of fun to be around.


Last is the little girl that many of us have prayed so much for. After just getting to Cambodia and some potential pregnancy complications coming up, the Phillips had to head to Thailand. Emily Faith Phillips, “Bundle”, was born 16 months ago in Thailand, healthy and strong. You can read more about her name here. Even at this young of an age I could already see some of her personality through her many facial expressions. On more than one occasion I would be passing by her playpen and see her giving me a look with her dark brown eyes saying, “you don’t have to pick me up and carry me around if you don’t want to, but I sure would appreciate it.” haha, how can one resist?


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